Given the opportunity, most of us would like to leave a legacy that gives meaning to what we valued over our lifetime. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that because of your generosity and planning, children and families will be able to take part in the Georgia Mountains YMCA for years to come.

We work with the North Georgia Community Foundation to help establish your endowment fund. Tell your Y story through a forever fund that will have a lasting impact on our community. One hundred percent of your YMCA Endowment Fund contribution will benefit local programs. Gifts are kept in perpetuity and invested to generate income that is used to further the work of the YMCA.

After the devastating tornado on April 6, 1936, our community came together in a way that resonates with the mission of our Georgia Mountains YMCA. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best, “Gainesville suffered a great disaster. Gainesville showed a united front for the good of its whole population, rich and poor alike. It rose to rebuild on sounder lines.”

As we look to the future of providing for the “good of the whole population” we ask that you join us in leaving a legacy that reminds us all of the Spirit of 1936.

One hundred percent of your YMCA Endowment Fund contribution will benefit local programs. Gifts are kept in perpetuity and invested to generate income that is used to further the work of the YMCA.

Create your Y legacy today by calling 770.297.9622.