Let's Glow Crazy!!! Zumba/Pound Party

Let's Glow Crazy!!! Zumba/Pound Party

Friday, November 3 5:30-7:30 PM

Let your inner light shine at our Let’s Glow Crazy Party! Join us for a night of dancing and fun. Come dressed in your best neon, blacklight showing colors!  We will have fun times participating in Zumba and Pound with our YMCA Instructors.

Member registration is FREE with event shirts available for purchase!

Zumba Instructors:

Patti B

Ana C – I love teaching Zumba because it’s definitely a class that puts a smile on everyone’s faces and definitely works up a sweat. I have a background in dance and I love that in my career path I have a way to express that. Zumba definitely turns a frown upside down!

Natalya K – I love teaching Zumba Fitness® format because I have passion for dance and Zumba Fitness® is the only class that never feels like it is a workout! This workout is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your mental health. We can just tune out all of our worries and focus on having fun and dance for the whole hour!

Laqueysha J – My name is Q and I am a ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR! Zumba is the bee’s knees. It’s where you go to just let loose and have fun! You get lost in the music, wrapped up in the party with all the hooting and hollering out of yourself and everyone else around you. Taking a class not only gives you that extra cardio your body so desperately needs, but it gives off endorphins of pure happiness. As a Zumba instructor, I am able to look out among the crowd and take in all the feels, all the vibes, and that pushes me to be more in the moment with my class. I teach Zumba because it gives me pure joy to feel that love and the freedom that effortlessly flows in a room full of all kinds of different people, to see their smiling faces, or hear their laughter as they let loose and give in to THEIR best dance moves and just have fun. I absolutely love how Zumba makes me feel, and it’s 10 times better when I can see that in others. <3

Pound Instructors:

 Cat- My name is Cat, and I am a certified group fitness instructor with AFAA. I have been a Pound instructor for over 6 years and have been an official brand ambassador called, “Tour Crew” since 2020. I am also certified to teach Generation Pound (6-12 year old young rockstars) and also certified to teach Pound Unplugged (30 minute high intensity movements with restorative stretches, breathwork and mediation). Pound is my absolute favorite format to teach because you not only get an amazing physical workout, but you also relieve emotional and mental stress through drumming. You become the music, and the full body workout combines cardio, conditioning and strength training! We all come into class with mixed emotions. Seeing the smiles, laughter and sweat (aka sparkle) brings me such incredible joy! I absolutely love teaching Pound!



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