Special Events

Special Events

The YMCA loves to bring the community together through free events such as cookies and cocoa, easter, and dances!

Game Night at the Y

J.A. Walters
6/24/23 - 6/24/23

There must be at least one parent/legal guardian at the tournament per family if there is a child under the age of 13. One player pass covers one spectator. Any additional spectators must purchase a spectator pass.

We will provide pizza and drinks to all players and spectators.

The tournament will be located in the gym on Saturday, July 8th at 4pm. It is expected to end around 8pm.

“Game Night at the Y” will be a Fortnite Esports tournament. The tournament will be a double elimination bracket meaning all participants will have to lose twice to be eliminated from the tournament. If a participant wins their round, they will move to the next round in the winner’s bracket. If a participant loses their round, they will drop to the lower bracket where they have a chance to make it to the championship round. After all rounds have been played, we will have a final round where the winner of the winner’s bracket and the winner of the lower bracket competes against each other. If the player in the winner’s bracket beats the player in the lower bracket, they will be crowned the winner of the tournament. If the player in the lower bracket beats the player in the winner’s bracket, the round will be reset, and they will play one more round as it would be the first loss of the player in the winner’s bracket.

The 1st place winner of the tournament will win a guaranteed prize of at least a $50 gift card. The prize is subject to increase depending on the number of participants, but that is to be determined.

In order to win a round, players will 1v1 each other in a “Duos” game in a public match. The player to get the most eliminations by the end of the game will win the round. In the case that both players tie in eliminations, the player that survived the longest will win the round. In the case that both players survive the entire game and are tied in eliminations, the match must be played again.

Registration Information  

Open Close Register At MemberNon-Member
Early Registration-Players 6/12/23 6/30/23 Online / Front Desk $ 15.00$ 25.00
Players 7/1/23 7/7/23 Online / Front Desk $ 25.00$ 35.00
Spectator Only 7/8/23 7/8/23 Online / Front Desk $ 10.00$ 15.00

Available Sessions

Sa - 4:00 pm - 4 hrs



Our lap pool will be closed on Monday 6/5 and Tuesday 6/6 as we continue to treat the water for phosphates.

To sign up for facility text alerts, please text the word ymcawellness to 8442213095.

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Max 1 per person.